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What to explore

Alvito is a quiet village with so much to offer: from Mediterranean weather to nice places, streets rich in history and friendly people. This small village was the home of Portuguese barons who turned Alvito into an art reference. You can visit some parts of the 15th century castle, nowadays the Pousada (photo). This monument has a military architecture and has been influenced by Islamic, Gothic and Manueline influences since Roman times. You can also visit the beautiful 15th-century church of Alvito, known as the "Nossa Senhora da Assunção" church (photo). She has a mix of styles such as Baroque, Gothic, Manueline and Renaissance.

Another religious building is the shrine Ermida de São Sebastião (16th century), where several well-preserved Frescoes are displayed.



Other interesting places to visit are Evora, surrounded by a stone wall. There you can visit the Roman temple, the bone chapel and the São Francisco church.
Places of interest in Beja are the Beja Castle, and the Rainha D. Leonor museum.

The great lake of the Alqueva dam and its archaeological field, located on the border of the Beja and Evora districts is also worth a visit.



Beyond all these sights you can also enjoy the beauty of nature and monuments among the numerous villages in the Alentejo region. 

If you want to discover Portuguese cuisine, or taste the wonderful Alentejo wine, you can sample this by visiting the traditional Portuguese restaurants and bars in one of the many little villages in Alentejo.





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