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Visit a Tea Plantation

Visit the Tea plantation “FOLHAS”


In the warm Alentejo you find an organic tea plantation.

Luis and Rita always wanted to have an agricultural project and it was in Alvito where they put it into practice in 2017.

They are dedicated to the production of aromatic herbs, their drying and commercialization.

You will find the best selection of infusions: "Cidreira, Lucia-Lima, Hortelã-Pimente, Tomilho, Tominho Limão and erva principe", produced in Organic Agriculture.

Do you want to visit or taste some of the authentic aroma and flavors of their organic tea which are produced with much love and thinking about your well being?

The plantation is within walking distance of Horta da Rosa.


For reservations you can contact:


Phone: +351 961.665.127





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